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Alumni Collegiate Reunion - Jump the Shark!


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Contact: Berkeley Water Ski Club President
Russ Selsor rbskiing@aol.com

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The Berkeley Water Ski Club is proud to announce a tribute to Henry Winkler and the 46th anniversary of the Jump the Shark (Happy Days Season 5, Episode 3, aired in 1977).  Jump the Shark was one of the most famous water skiing scenes in the history of television!  That episode made water skiing a very “cool” sport and did a lot to promote the sport of water skiing.

On September 16 & 17, 2023, the Berkeley Water Ski Club will host The Happy Days of Collegiate Skiing Reunion water ski tournament at 8320 King Road in Dixon, California.  Numerous current and former regional and national champions along with high level amateur skiers will be participating in the slalom, trick, and jump events.  The highlight will be when we honor Fonzie/Henry Winkler by reenacting The Jump the Shark!  

The event will also include a reenactment of the famous episode where Fonzie jumps over 14 garbage cans!!  Daredevil Doug Klang, who used to ride with Evil and Robbie Knievel, will be performing this reenactment.

Since Henry Winkler is a former accomplished water skier, and for his role in supporting the sport of water skiing, Henry Winkler will be presented an honorary lifetime membership to the Berkeley Water Ski Club and a lifetime membership to USA Water Ski and Wake Sports.

The tournament is a fund raiser, with all net proceeds going to collegiate water ski teams.  The other purpose of the tournament is to get former collegiate skiers back into water skiing, as there are hundreds of former collegiate skiers who started careers and new families and are having a hard time getting back into skiing.

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