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Travers Grand Prix // Professional Slalom Water Ski Event


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An event like no other! For the second year in a row the Travers Grand Prix was a record breaking afair and with score like this... it's always an exciting event! Add in sport shooting and karting and it makes for one of my favourite events of the year! 

Thank you TWBC for use of the Footage and Conner Pesek for the Thumbnail photo!

00:00 - Intro
00:46 - Round 1   
03:10 - Go Karting
04:58 - Day 2
05:36 - Womens Round 2
06:09 - Mens Round 2
07:35 - Sport Shooting
08:38 - Day 3
09:15 - Womens Finals
10:50 - Mens Finals
13:05 - Podiums

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