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Connelly Aspect a true sleeper


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I am 6'5" 220 plus or minus primarily open water skier. On a good year I may get 4 or 5 sets on a course. Typically ski from June to October a couple times a week. The only way I could get my Aspect to turn at an acceptable rate was to move the binding location to the rear 1/4" from the stock location. With my Wiley's that meant that I had to redrill my ski. I just used sheet metal screws with no inserts. So... reading "Fin Whisperer" I read about moving people moving bindings too far back over-compensating for too much fin area. I thought is that is what is going on?

I bought a Viper 2 fin from H2O pro shops mounted it to the Aspect using front and rear stock fin inserts. Redrilled the center fin block holes to accommodate Viper 2 hole pattern (sheet metal screws again). Used the initial fin setup from my 69" Carbon V. Moved the bindings forward to the original location (same location as my 69" V). The Aspect was a different ski!  Unbelievable performance. Like a slow speed tournament ski. V performance for sure, it's a hoot.

I understand the purpose of the Aspect. I have taught people how to ski on the Aspect and they appreciate the benefits of the larger fin. The Viper 2 fin and the V fin settings in my experience was absolutely amazing.


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