Hometown: Morris, Connecticut

Current Location: Windermere FL
How did you get into skiing?
I grew up on a lake skiing with my parents, 2 brothers and sister.
When did you decide to commit yourself to the skiing and take it seriously?
When I was 16 I picked up and moved to Florida by myself. I have very supportive parents to say the least! My whole life I was a competitive gymnast and snow ski racer so it was a hard decision but I knew I couldn’t keep skiing for only 3 months a year if I wanted to get to a higher level.
Do you consider yourself to be an adrenaline junkie?
Hmm yeah, I guess you kind of have to be in order to be a jumper.
Can you give us a rundown of your average day during the season?
Typically Ill wake up, drive over to Freddy and Karen’s and spend the mornings there. The three of us ski, then I’ll hang out with Karen and Dash because between me and her, Freddy is usually always in the garage fixing our equipment! I don’t work out too much during the season but I like to either take another set in the evening or run or do yoga when there’s time and energy. 
What’s your favorite lake to fly at? 
The Pond in Connecticut. 
What has been your most memorable moment so far? 
I won the collegiate nationals after a crash where I fractured my wrist, dislocated my shoulder and gashed my head with my ski.
How do you prepare for a big competition? 
I have a tendency to over train before tournaments so I just try not to wear myself out. I’ve learned my body cannot handle 5 sets a day anymore!! 

Do you still get nervous before a big tournament?
For sure! Who doesn’t? I just tell myself I’ve done this a hundred times.
What is the atmosphere like behind the scenes? What is your relationship with the other GTF?  
It’s great, we love each other…. Ok, maybe not on the dock but most of the time.
Any funny or most embarrassing stories you care to share?
Hmm… Last year I sleep walked through my friend’s house wearing only underwear and carrying a lamp. I’ll never live that down!
Do you think the jump suit will ever evolve to be figure flattering?
I’m designing a women’s jump suit right now with Dolphin Wetsuits, so I’m working on it ladies!
What are your suitcase essentials when you’re on the road? 
I travel all the time and I still never bring the right things. But I couldn’t go without music, a book, extra food (especially when we go to Asia), and something to go out in for the last night. But we all share if someone forgets something, GTF’s are nice.
What have been your biggest career setbacks? 
My crash at the 2011 Masters: I tore a ligament and got a bone bruise between my foot and ankle. It is still really painful and makes it hard to train and my performances have really suffered. I can’t wait to rest it and start fresh next season.
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In your opinion what have your greatest achievements been so far? 
4th overall at the 2011 Worlds, winning the University Worlds, setting the collegiate jump and trick records, Open women slalom, trick, jump and overall national champion, 2nd overall at the US Open 2007
Who or what are your inspirations? 
Athletes, musicians, artists—anyone who is successful and loves what they do
What affect does your career as a pro women jumper have on your personal life? 
Well it’s not a problem in my eyes but I feel pretty bad for Adam. He has to deal with my skiing and me and that’s not always easy, haha. 
How do you relax when you get the chance? 
Playing Halo with Adam, hanging out with Rocco and drinking wine.
Any words of wisdom to share with up and coming jumpers? Especially girls?
Bring it down!
Where would you like GTF to be in 5 years? 
On TV and with sponsors outside of the industry. Hopefully I will still be a GTF at that time.
What’s up next for you? 
Resting, then the University Worlds in January
Why should everyone read this buy a GTF calendar?
It’s hot!
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