There are three groups within the business of water skiing that require promotion and marketing for success: athletes, equipment manufactures and event promoters (all three will be referred to as marketers). Athletes need to gain notoriety & celebrity status to sell product for their sponsors, equipment manufactures need to tell the public about their products and promoters need exposure to give value to event sponsors.

A fantastic performance or event that no one sees or reads about has very little commercial or promotional value.  Often top skiers attend world-class events that are basically unknown to the outside world. This is a lost opportunity for the sport as a whole and everyone who is a financial stakeholder.

The priority for all marketers should be to keep their own website current and appear on TV, in WaterSkiMagazine, and other media outlets. For day-to-day marketing, the internet is the modern channel for promoting our sport but has had mixed effectiveness and been underutilized. Skiers and event promoters often publish high quality content (athlete profiles, lifestyle stories, event news, or web-casts) on their own websites without a strategy to attract readers. As more websites are created and only updated periodically, the readership becomes fractured and the message is lost. The audience only spends a finite amount of time on the internet per day; this means that they cannot possibly find all the relevant news because that news is spread out on dozens of sites.

The key to reaching internet readers and delivering your message is publishing on a site that has constantly changing content and significant readership. BallOfSpray is an aggregate news site for all things water ski related. Because BallOfSpray republishes news from many sources, it has fresh content almost daily, bringing viewers back on a regular basis. It is beneficial for a marketer’s website to post (or repost) on BallOfSpray because the message will reach a greater audience. Additionally, posting on BallOfSpray will drive readers to a marketer’s site when new content is posted. BallOfSpray delivers between 25,000 and 35,000 unique visitors per month.

BallOfSpray can augment a marketer’s effort to promote themselves and provide greater value to their sponsors at no cost and only requires basic computer skills. For specifics on how to get your message on BallOfSpray, please contact John Horton.