Dear friends of waterski, we do need your support for Vincent Soubiron’s ski school, aka Vinney, that is going through difficult times in Seysses. 
As you probably know, waterski is Vinney’s life and his team won more than 20 World medals, 80 European Medals and +250 national medals and many international records. It’s the home site of Pro skiers such as Sacha Descuns, Ambre Franc, Kate Adriaensen,…
Vincent’s ski school has been established 26 years ago on a former gravel pit in Seysses, near Toulouse (France). Till recently, the relationship with the landlord had always been good and constructive. In 2000, the landlord came with the idea to partially backfill the pit with rubble, which would both increase the value of the land at no cost for him and at the same time improve the quality of the lake and help meet the standards for organizing waterski tournaments. With other words: a true win-win.
Thanks to Vinney’s involvement and sponsorship, the township, although initially against it, eventually authorized the works under the following terms: maintain the waterski school’s activity on the lake and establish a green area. Eight years passed without any flaw and all parties were perfectly happy till early May when Vincent received a phone call from Malet – the compagny carrying out the backfilling works - asking him to cease all activities at once and leave … without notice and without any formal written notification. This was the starting point of daily intimidation till June 28 where things got even worse: Malet started to build a dike IN THE MIDDLE of the lake, obviously preventing any waterskiing. Vincent’s 73 years old father even got almost buried under a truck of rubble. On June 29, the security guard insulted Vincent and threatened to throw stones at him. This is simply not acceptable. We will undertake all possible legal and political actions to defend and safeguard the school but we need you to support us by signing this petition in order that political and legal stakeholders understand what this waterski school represents and what is at stake for waterski in France and beyond. Thank you in advance.
Vincent Soubiron
Twitter : @vinnysskischool
Instagram : @vinnysskischool
Facebook : Vincent Soubiron Ski school


GOODE Skis is proud to announce a new addition to its lineup and a step forward for trick skiing with the release of the MK1, the most technically advanced trick ski ever built.
"I'm in total awe with how technically difficult and amazing to watch trick skiing is," says Dave Goode, president and founder of GOODE Skis. "Much like the slalom market in the early 90s though, I see a lot of room for progress in the design and construction of trick skis so I'm very excited to see our construction technology take tricking to a higher level."
The MK1’s design and construction process was heavily influenced by world Mens Tricks No. 1 Martin Kolman, who won the Moomba Masters title earlier this spring on the ski.
“For me the MK1 provides a level of confidence that the ski won’t change over time, it won’t break down and I won’t ever have to worry about breaking it the day before a tournament again,” says Martin. “I’ve skied the same ski all year, got a big win on it at Moomba, and it feels the same as when I first got on it back in February.”


Jim Thompson: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Rod Long: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Waterski ITALY tour 2019

Hey Baller´s

I am not sure all of you have heard about this “annual trip” I have created? It is called “Waterski ITALY tour” it is kind of a

“Giro d´ITALIA” but on water skis. It is not a competition but a guided tour during 14 day´s (15 night´s) from the northeast of ITALY towards the west and then all the way south to Napoli. It all happens between sept 22nd and oct 7th 2019.

During the 14 day´s we will ski the 10 best and most beautiful waterski lakes of ITALY and we will eat great Italian food at places which you would probably not end up at if being a regular tourist. As a matter of fact it was suggested that I name the tour “Waterski & Eat ITALY tour”

You don´t have to be a Pro water skier to partake. This is for anyone who loves the sport of waterskiing and have a desire to experience what some of the previous participants has called the tour “the ultimate waterski vacation” or “a waterski trip of a lifetime”

In 1991 I came to ITALY to work as a Waterski coach and since then I have competed, traveled, shoot photo´s all over ITALY.

Now I want to share all of what I have experienced and so in 2017 I decided to create “Waterski ITALY tour”

The tour has 8 exclusive spot´s available and I hear by invite all of you ballers to join me on the “2019 Waterski ITALY tour”

Below is a link to the event which I have created on FaceBook and also links to photo´s from previous years tour.

Event on Facebook

Photo´s from the 2017 tour

Photo´s from the 2018 tour

For more in depth information about the “2019 Waterski ITALY tour” or if you would like to get on the mailing list please contact me directly at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thomas Gustafson

GOODE Skis is celebrating the kick off of summer with two great deals designed to get you more buoys for less this season: 
1) Buy a RéVolution and get 50% off any ski in the inventory (call 1-888-GO-GOODE to order); or,
2) Take an extra 20% off the already low prices at (Redemption code: kickoff19).
Act quickly because once the goodedealz inventory is gone, recent record-breakers like the Rev 6 and Nano One XT, as well as classics like the 9900 and 9500, are gone, forever. 
Offers expire May 31, 2019 and cannot be combined.  Quantities limited. 


Pine Mountain, GA (May 24, 2019) – The 60th Nautique Masters Water Ski & Wakeboard Tournament® presented by GM Marine Engine Technology officially started today at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia. The Ski Nautique and Super Air Nautique G23 made their weekend debut on Robin Lake as the best junior waterski and wakeboard athletes claimed titles during the 27th Junior Masters.

For the first time in Masters history, three adaptive athletes put on an inspirational exhibition in each discipline: trick, slalom, jump and wakeboard. Daniele Cassioli (ITL) put on an exhibition in the Trick and Jump categories, while Craig Timm (USA) showcased his Slalom skills and Connor Poggetto (USA) put on an incredible performance on his wakeboard. These athletes with disabilities were an incredible addition to the action today and three more will join them this weekend for more inspiring action.

The GM Marine Engine Technology powered Ski Nautique started the day pulling Felipe Franco Belmont (PER) and Kennedy Hansen (USA) to Junior Masters titles in the Junior Men's and Junior Women's trick ski disciplines. Felipe Franco Belmont scored a 10,210 behind the Ski Nautique while Kennedy Hansen won the women's division with 6,570 points.

Athletes from Columbia dominated the Junior Slalom finals, with Federico Jaramillo (COL) highlighting his talents and receiving a Junior Masters title after he ran 5@38-off. Luisa Jaramillo (COL) then took home the Masters Junior Women’s Slalom title after she ran 2.5@38-off.

Conditions were perfect for the Junior Women’s Jump division, where Sade Ferguson (AUS) jumped an incredible distance of 147 feet (44.8m) to win the 27th Junior Masters title for her division. The Ski Nautique then pulled Pol Duplan-Fribourg (FRA) during the Junior Men’s Jump to a distance of 180 feet (54.8m) to win the Junior Men's Jump discipline.

After the smoke cleared, it was Kennedy Hansen taking the Overall Junior Women Masters title. A couple podium finishes in the Trick and Jump disciplines, Kennedy had an incredible day of skiing to earn the victory. On the Junior Men’s front, Tobias Giorgis (ARG) took the overall win to stake his claim as the 27th overall Junior Masters champion.

CG Classic



Denali’s patent pending Asymmetrical Hole Design is now available on the standard fin shape! Immediately make your on side turns more automatic, and your off side turns more stable and predictable. Just replace your stock fin with the CG Classic using your same settings, and you will instantly have better turns, more control, and be running more buoys.

It’s as simple as:

  1. Order from and choose Right Foot Forward or Left Foot Forward

  2. Measure your current fin and wing settings before removing

  3. Mount your new CG Classic with your same settings, using your original wing and hardware

  4. Run more buoys!


  • Fits all skis with an adjustable fin

  • Made from aerospace grade 7075 Aluminum

  • Anodized for maximum corrosion protection

  • .09” Thickness (industry standard)

The asymmetrical hole design has been tested and proven by hundreds of skiers.  

Available only at


Winter web 1

D3 has added the powerful slalom star from the UK Freddie Winter, to their star-studded Pro Team roster. Freddie fits perfectly on the Team as he will ride the new NRG R1 released this spring. With one Pro victory already under his belt from the Travers Grand Prix, the future looks bright for the 29-year-old slalom star.

“Freddie is one of the best slalom skiers in the world and we feel very fortunate he chose D3” said Creed Kidder President of D3 Skis. “Freddie adds important International exposure to an already impressive Pro Team roster.”

Freddie will be the featured skier for the D3 NRG-R1. “We design two different performance slalom skis, the EVO and the NRG R1 and Freddie is the embodiment of the kind of skier that the NRG R1 was designed for”, said Will Bush head of R&D for D3 Skis.

Freddie said, “I have taken an independent, non-sponsored athlete approach for an entire year and simply skied all of the skis available on the market. I ultimately chose the D3 NRG R1 as it is far and away the best ski for me,” I am excited to join a brand with such a high pedigree and look forward to having success together for a long time to come”.

Winter has arrived at D3.  Freddie, welcome to the D3 family.

Making Summer Fun for Everyone Since 1965: 
Connelly Introduces the SUP Fin Drive System to Keep You Moving on the Water (Even on a Windy, Cold or Long Day)
We have something to spice up your typical day on the water. Introducing the electric SUP Drive Fin System. Yep, you heard us. It's a small motor that attaches to the belly of your board and allows you to paddle at higher speeds for a longer distances. A little wind and chop? Not a problem. You can still get out on a blustery day and paddle with ease. Also great for putting around and checking out your buoys now that the ice is thawing out. 

Connelly SUP Drive Fin System

We’re proud to welcome Chris “The Tower” Parrish to the Syndicate team. One of the most dominant athletes ever to ride a slalom ski, his enthusiasm for progression and passion for the sport itself is palpable. Parrish aka “CP” aka “The Tower” aka “Pickleman”, looks forward to a strong return to the pro scene “With HO’s relentless pursuit of perfection and quality, I never have to second guess if I’m utilizing my talent to the fullest.”

If you’re a waterskier and someway/somehow don’t know Mr. Parrish, here’s a handful of his career pro slalom highlights: 3x World Record Holder, 5x Moomba Masters Champion, 2x US Open Champion, 2x US Masters Champion. From the ripe age 15, Parrish was a competitive force on the pro tour.

In 2005, he became a THE premiere skier in the world, winning the US Masters, US Open, Malibu Open, Diablo ProAM, Orlando BS Pro, Kaiafas Cup en route to claiming the #1 World Ranking spot from his friend and hero Andy Mapple. From 2006 through 2013, CP remained in the top 10, reaching #1 again in 2009.

What does the future hold for CP? What explains the CP/HO pairing?

“Now I’m looking forward to a great season and can’t be more thankful and excited to be a part of such a strong brand like HO. The timing couldn’t be any better. I’m a very self competitive person and have waterskied all my life. How could I not want to be back in the game?”

Chris joins an absolutely stacked ski team featuring active pro skiers Will AsherJon TraversNick AdamsBenjamin StadlbaurMatteo LuzzeriJaimee BullZane &Allie NicholsonRob HazelwoodGeena Krueger and many more. [click here for the full Syndicate team] CP’s knowledge and experience with ski design fits perfectly with the Syndicate Pro team as well as it’s legends & designers like Bob LapointWade CoxJack TraversMarcus Brown & Dave Wingerter.


Photos/Words/Video: ©  John Mommer

It’s time to get to work! Method Series 2 is dropping March 4th and registration is now open!

METHOD: Waterski Series 2 was created specifically for waterskiers looking to build on the fundamentals of METHOD Waterski Series 1 to become the skier they want to be for the season. It is the add-on to Waterski Series 1 with functional fitness and basic mobility movements with a big picture goal of addressing common weaknesses and creating a better skier.

RADIX Logo smallABOUT RADIX: Radix Functional Fitness was founded by European record holder and World Games Champion, Bojan Schipner. Based out of Winter Garden, Florida, Radix Functional Fitness offers in person one-on-one training to people of all ages and backgrounds with a focus on waterskiers. With clients ranging from Kristi Overton Johnson to Neilly Ross and Dorien Llewellyn to Jon Travers, Bojan has seen a range of aches and issues associated with the long time hurt put on us by chasing buoys. His concept of METHOD is bringing that same process of improving mobility and strength with an intentional purpose for skiers to the entire world of waterskiing through an easily accessible, online training plan.  To learn more visit or follow Radix on Instagram and Facebook @radixfit.

And for those new to METHOD, Series 1 is still available. We recommend you start with Series 1 to learn the basics of functional movement, mobility and strength and then follow up with Series 2 to build on your foundation.

Hobe Lake Ski Club is proud to announce it's affiliation with Radar skis by becoming an official Radar demo facility.

The newest Radar models will be available for testing at our site in Hobe Sound, Fl. Furthermore we will help you set up and personalize your equipment to give you optimum results.

Spring has already arrived in South Florida. The water is warming up nicely. This is a perfect time to try some new equipment!

We look forward to seeing you on the water!

Spasheye logo

SplashEye is pleased to announce a partnership with AWSA to provide a low cost replacement for Corson Video Jump systems. Many sites still use XP Computers for Jump Measurement that are way past the end of their natural life. SplashEye can now provide a low cost replacement - $700 for AWSA members – a discount of $300.

“AWSA is excited about its new partnership with SplashEye.  SplashEye has become the cutting edge choice for video jump, slalom gates, and trick timing at our competition tournaments. We are excited about SplashEyes new one grid jump video system which will allow tournament sites to install and use SplashEye at a price point that fits our tournament site budgets.  And to have a special rate just for AWSA members is a partnership we are really excited about and we hope SplashEye will be added to hundreds of tournaments this summer. “ Jeff Surdej – AWSA President

The system is a Windows 10 compatible single grid measurement system (measures the normal 90 feet per grid based on camera setup). It’s a simple switch for your current Corson system. Just provide a Windows 10, Intel based laptop, download the software and plug in the supplied USB Video Capture Device. No changes necessary to your grids or camera setups.

More information at

About SplashEye:

SplashEye supplies Tournament WaterSki software solutions around the world.

Jump Measurement

Slalom Gates Judging

End Course Tracking

Trick Timing

Established for more than 20 years and installed in more than 80 sites worldwide SplashEye is a leader in WaterSki Tournament Software Systems.




Ellie Horton is three event and third generation competitive water skier. She grew up skiing at Horton Lakes, which was built by her grandfather Dr Jack Horton, and began competing when she was ten years old.

Currently, Ellie is a second year student at Florida Southern College. She is studying journalism and skis on scholarship for the FSC water ski team. is ranked 3rd overall in the nation, 9th in the U21 overall world standings, and has her open women’s rating in overall.

She is a member of the D3 water skis Factory Team and is sponsored by CAMARO wetsuits and NewCity Clothing.

Her recent successes have included winning Division I women’s tricks at the 2013 collegiate nationals as well as taking the tricks and overall title at the U21 2014 Pan Am Championships.

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