Dave Shreducation QA

Attention Ballers:
Write in your questions for VP of HO Skis/Syndicate Dave Wingerter to have them answered in an upcoming podcast posted directly to BallOfSpray.

Don’t miss your opportunity to pick the brain of one of the leading minds in our sport. Ask him questions about ski design, slalom tech theory, production and more! Enter your question in the BallOfSpray Forum. We will select a number of great questions to be answered and posted to the BallOfSpray newsfeed.

Background on Dave Wingerter:
Wingerter is the Mastermind behind HO Skis and the Syndicate Program. A life-long competitive skier, Dave worked formerly as an aerospace design engineer in the defense industry, contributing to projects like the Atlas III and V rockets. In 2006, after years of combining aerospace technology with waterski theory in his free time, Dave decided to give waterski development a try. His first passion project, the Syndicate A1, burst onto the scene and changed waterskiing design forever. Over a decade later, Dave continues to pioneer the cutting edge of watersport innovation. You can find him skiing tournaments on the professional and national waterski scene where he theorizes, prototypes, designs, builds and rides his creations.

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