One of America’s most cherished holidays is right around the corner, and if you’re like us, you’ll be spending it under the rays with your crew by the water. Stock up with the best gear from our line of Instagram-worthy floats and let the relaxing begin!

Take your U.S.A game to the next level with our Connelly Stars & Stripes float. Now you can honor our great nation at the beach, the lake or even by the pool. Buy it now from our website for $29.99. Just click the link below.


This 4th of July, enjoy a brew while floating on a brew. Our Beer Mug pool float includes a frothy head pillow and side cup holder so you can avoid spilled drinks and party fouls. It’ll be the best $34.99 you spend this holiday. Click the link for a cold one. Koozie not included.

connelly 2018shoot 062217 L

What better way to announce the initiation of summer than with bikinis and flip flops? We feel sandals are an essential summer accessory and would double as an awesome pool float. Decked out in a “foot strap” head pillow and a side cup holder for your 4th of July drink of choice, we say this is a definite must in your gear haul for Independence Day activities. Snag one now for $39.99 at the link below.

connelly 2018shoot 06Tash



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