After a big training week in Italy, team Canada headed off to Russia for the big event. My first reaction when I got to Russia was wow, what did I get myself into…. It started with our looooooooong bus ride to the hotel. Normally a 90km trip takes just over an hour, but this one from the Moscow Airport to the Dubna Hotel ended up taking 3 hours! As we swerved our way through the STOP and GO traffic the anticipation of what our week in Dubna would consist of began to build. The moment we arrived in Dubna, is one I will never forget.  When we drove by our hotel, I remember saying "look at that place." Trent’s response was "i don’t want to end up there on banquet night!" That’s when the bus did a u-turn and pulled into the driveway and said...THIS IS YOUR HOTEL!!! Oh my….. All I can remember, was thinking….. this is a Hotel???   And where can I find the Star Rating on this place. hahaha  Remember I am a travel agent, so I pay a bit of attention to these things normally!

Overall the hotel was good. Just a bit scary on the outside…..A good way to put it was, it had very unique décor.
The people from Dubna were friendly and the food was great! The local coffee shop even had free wifi and would give me a smiley face on my coffee. I loved it!  
 I didn’t make it to Dubna for any of the world cup stops, but had heard some stories about the interesting weather patterns in the city. I guess at some of the past World Cups, you would have a crazy wind one day, and perfect calm the next. We were fortunate that the weather was beautiful and the conditions were spectacular.
The site was a touch rolly, but nothing to worry about. I knew I had to ski aggressive. You only get one shot at these things, and the Worlds only come’s up every two years. I ran 3.5@ 38 in the finals which placed me fourth. This was really exciting for me as I was very close to my goal of a Medal….After a 6th in Calgary I know I’m on the right track for the 2013 Worlds!
Overall, Team Canada had a pretty decent showing. From our Gold Team Title at the previous Worlds we were a bit off, but we learned a lot, and had some amazing times along the way. 
Special Thanks to our Coach Steve Bush, and all the organizers, officials, judges and drivers at the worlds. It was an amazing event, and it came off perfectly.
Also thanks to my sponsors Honu, HO Ski’s and Surrey Cruise Ship Centers.
Thanks Russia. I hope to be back some day 


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