A sincere thank you to all the sponsors that supported the 2019 San Gervasio Pro Am:

Barka: https://www.barka.it/en/

Varanini Caffe: https://www.varanini.eu/en/

Banca Mediolanum: https://www.bancamediolanum.it

Jolly Ski School: http://www.jollyski.com/en

AxER HO Skis: http://wwwhosports.com

RadaR Skis: https://www.radarskis.com

AmbroSol: https://www.ambro-sol.it/

Goode: http://www.goode.com

Hotel Al Veliero: https://alvelieropontevico.com

Oscaf Punto Distribution: http://www.puntodistribution.it

Farma & Co AquaFlyer: http://www.aquaflyer.it


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