Intro video to the first professional event organized in San Gervasio by Jolly Ski. Watch as Organizer and Pro Competitor Matteo Luzzeri unfolds the purpose of this event, as well as the first San Gervasio Pro Men Champion, Freddie Winter, ripping 5 @ 10.25m!

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I am excited to have partnered with Wakeye. Wakeye makes it easy to video record every ski/wakeboard run with your phone or video/pov camera, share your time on the water with friends, ski buddies and coaches. You can even track your improvement in your video library.  They sent me their Wakeye XTC-ST. I tested it out using my Liquid Image EGO Camera to capture the footage. Take a look at the video the Wakeye is able to capture during one of my practice sets. 32off through 41off. This is a great training tool that everyone needs to have. Enjoy!