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  • 2016 BallOfSpray Pro Men Skier Ranking List


    PlaceSkierEvents %Scores %Combined
    1Nate Smith100100100
    2Freddie Winter889692
    2Thomas Degasperi968892
    4William Asher928086
    5Corey Vaughn769284
    6Adam Sedlmajer846474
    7Stephen Neveu727272
    8Jonathan Travers687270
    9Jason Mcclintock568068
    10Joel Howley805266
    11Brian Detrick408462
    12Benjamin Stadlbaur606060
    13Daniel Odvarko643650
    14Nicholas Adams366048
    15Thibaut Dailland484446
    16Martin Bartalsky523644
    17Terry Winter324438
    17Carlo Allais245238
    19Nick Parsons442434
    20Robert Pigozzi203628
    21Cale Burdick281622
    22Tyler Yager161214
    22Matteo Luzzeri82014
    24Tom Brantley12810
    25Austin Abel444




    1) Find all Pro Events during the IWWF October Ranking List Calendar Year. Men's Events need 10 or more entrees and Women's Events need 9 or more entrees to make the list. The US Masters is the only exception.

    2) Find all skiers who skied in 3 or more of the Pro events. The result is 25 skiers for the men and 11 for the women.

    3) For each event assign each skier a Placement Score based on the skier's placement. See notes for formula*.

    4) Find the 3 highest Placement Scores per skier and add them together for a Cumulative Placement Score. Sort the skiers by Cumulative Placement Score to create the ranking. This is the first half of the data set.

    5) Find the 3 highest buoy count scores per skier from all L/R tournaments. Only the highest round per skier per tournament is taken.

    6) Add the 3 scores together to create a Cumulative Buoy Count Score. Sort the skiers by Cumulative Buoy Count Score to create the ranking.

    7) Once the two lists are sorted by their respective scores the supporting data is set aside. What remains are two ranking lists. One list created by the sum of 3 tournament scores and another created by the sum of the 3 best placement scores.

    8) The same formula* used to create the Placement list is applied to both the tournament scores and placement scores ranking lists.

    9) The average of Tournament Scores and Placement Scores Rankings is the skier's final ranking score.

    10) The skiers are sorted once again based on this score and given their final placement.


    *Ranking Score Formula

    100-(100x((Place-1)/Total # of Skiers))= Ranking Percentile


    Moomba Masters

    US Masters


    Swiss Pro

    US Open

    Canadian Open

    San Gervasio ProAm

    Malibu Open

    California ProAm


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