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  • 4 Keys to an Awesome Offside Turn by By Chris Parrish




    The offside turn is the bane of many skiers’ slalom existence, but it doesn’t need to be. Keeping body position in mind as you enter the turn is far more important than the actual turn itself. Follow Nautique and Goode Skis sponsored athlete Chris Parrish’s four keys for a more dependable offside turn.

    1. The most common problem skiers have with their offside turns is having their hips behind their feet as they begin their reach. This will reduce tip pressure and elongate the turn radius. A stacked position is key!

    2. As you approach the turn, keep your chest up and your inside hip and inside arm close to one another. Maintaining this arm and hip connection will keep your weight from falling toward your tail.


    3. As your free hand comes off the handle, think about your reach and inside hip moving forward toward your direction of travel together. Do not let your hip and handle move in opposing directions.

    4. To finish the turn strong, keep your inside hip moving forward until your lower body returns to the handle.

    Read more at http://www.cp3ski.com/


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