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  • ATHLETIC STANCE on a Water Ski | FPM Podcast #14


    This week Rob is back, and he and MB are discussing the most fundamental element of the FPM Water Ski pyramid:  Athletic Stance!

    0:00 - Intro
    0:15 - The most basic fundamental of skiing: Athletic Stance
    0:55 - Why is this so important?
    1:53 - Athletic Stance on a Water Ski, is COMPLETELY different than Athletic Stance in almost any other sport.
    3:03 - Body Perpendicular to Ski
    4:40 - Water Skiing is Positional!!
    6:40 - Why do we ski with Butt Back naturally?
    7:20 - Why is it so hard to improve/change?
    8:45 - Turn the ski, but Stay On TOP of it!
    10:08 - Trust your Direct Experiences & Build Better Understanding
    11:15 - Athletic Stance: how it works…
    12:10 - You Still Have to WORK!
    12:35 - Efficiency is only part of it!
    13:35 - Use GiveGo: FREE with FPM Membership!
    14:08 - Rob’s tricks for achieving Stance
    15:50 - MB’s tricks for achieving Stance

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