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  • Brooks Wilson to assume the role of Radar Brand Manager


    Radar waterskis is proud to announce Brooks Wilson will reside the post of Brand Manager. A very dynamic position overseeing the design, production, marketing, and sales of every product with the Radar name on it.

    We used this quote from one of our countries true great leaders in regards to the backbone of a successful brand manager. " people must have the self-confidence to be clear precise sure that every person in their organization lowest what business is trying achieve. jack welch. somebody really understands where it today going tomorrow and how will get there a simple pragmatic manner. when we started search with this mindset was only name on our list brooks wilson.>

    At the ripe young age of 26 Brooks has pretty much been there and done that in the world of watersports - with the exception of fulfilling the hot seat as the Radar Skis Brand Manager.

    As a skier - He’s been a National Waterski Champion, Jr. Masters & US Open Champion, and stood on Pro Podiums.

    As an ambassador - Brooks spent years on the road throughout the states, and all the way to to Australia, South Africa and Europe for clinics, competitions and demos.

    As a marketer - He created a waterski community called Radar Nation - an interactive ski site for likeminded skiers across the globe.

    As a leader - Brooks has always lead by example - setting an example for those around him.

    As a friend - We couldn’t be more excited to have his energy at Square 1 Distribution on a daily basis.



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