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    International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation (IWWF). For both men it's a great start to the season and a true testimony to their off-season dedication and training.

    Nick Parsons said, ""The Centurion Carbon Pro's sport specific design has brought me peace of mind. No other boat company is designing boats specifically for 3-event tournament waterskiing. I choose Centurion because I want the boat made for the job, a true 3-event tournament water-ski boat. For slalom, the Carbon Pro has the cleanest wake in the industry. There is no frothy-white water, no big troughs or rooster tails that would adversely affect my skiing."

    In 2013, Parsons finished 3rd at the Diablo ProAm in Rio Linda, CA and 2nd at the U.S. Nationals in West Palm Beach, FL. Parsons also posted 3@41 off three times behind the 2013 Centurion Carbon Pro.

    In 2013, Detrick had two top ten finishes at professional events and a 6th place finish at the U.S. Nationals. Last season, Detrick began running 39 off consistently posting the deep shortline score 16 times in competitions – nearly 50% of the time. In 2013, Detrick's top score was a new personal best of 3@41 off achieved behind the 2013 Centurion Carbon Pro at Shortline Lake on August 31, 2013.

    In 2011, Centurion shocked the waterski world with the release of the Carbon Pro, the first truly dedicated slalom ski boat that was designed from the ground up for three event skiing. The Carbon Pro incorporates many new features never seen in towboats before. The boat has helped countless skiers post personal best scores that were simply not attainable behind other boats.

    News of the boat's performance spread quickly and within months skiers everywhere were clamoring to get a Carbon Pro. Recently, the Carbon Pro earned credibility as an official towboat for the USA WaterSki U.S. Nationals, an accomplishment that had only been held by a few towboat manufacturers. At the 2013 US Regional and National Championships more than 150 personal best scores were recorded behind the Carbon Pro.

    In 2014, skiers everywhere will be watching Detrick and Parsons as they continue to rise among the World's best skiers along with countless amateurs who will yearn for the chance to experience the unmatched performance of the Carbon Pro.


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    About Centurion:Centurion Boats is most recognized in the competition water ski world for their dedication of producing the best three-event water ski boat with its Carbon Pro model. The Carbon Pro is the undisputed No Compromise three-event towboat that features a soft, flat wake and no spray for the best skier and driver experience possible. Centurion continues to be a pioneer in water sports towboat technology with their all-new Gun Sight; which allows for the millimeter-perfect pull. The Carbon Pro is a no-compromise three-event machine built for championship performance. For more information please contact Centurion Boats at 209-384-0255 or visit www.centurionboats.com.


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