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    Let's be real, no matter how passionate your fervor is for carving some dollar signs, it's just not that fun when the weather and water temps are bleak and miserable and you're constantly sore.

    What is the best approach for starting on a good note? Connelly Skis caught up with one of their own, Joel Howley, on some of the best pre-season tips to get you back in your groove. Here is what he says%E2%80%A6

    Tip #1

    "Buy a good wetsuit. I see way too many skiers claiming to be tough by not wearing a wetsuit when, in reality, it just causes them to ski really stiff and take shorter sets. Plus, it takes the fun out of it. A good, quality wetsuit should be a part of everyone's pre-season gear essentials%E2%80%A6that is, unless you live in Florida, you lucky dogs!">

    Tip #2

    “Make a big adjustment. It is much easier to implement a fundamental change in your skiing technique after some time off, rather than trying to incorporate it in the heat of the season. However, choosing what to focus on can sometimes be the most difficult. Try watching some old footage from last season or maybe ask your ski partner what types of falls or mistakes they notice you experiencing the most. For example, if you are a skier who is always folding at the hips, you may want to begin your pre-season by only focusing on keeping your glutes tensed. Though this may cause you to miss some passes that are instinctive, if you stick to the game plan, it will re-train your muscle memory much faster and more effectively so you can be set up for a stellar summer season!”

    Tip #3

    Do yoga! It’s one of the most frustrating and difficult hurdles to overcome when your body is telling you to take some time off the water. Deep stretching is reviving for your muscles and is a great outlet to ensure you stay behind the boat…because we all know, sore or not, you won’t be taking time off haha.

    Good luck, my northern hemisphere friends. Message me if you have any questions about your Connellys!


    Joel Howley



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