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  • Favorites advance in GOODE Bracket Challenge


    The second round of the GOODE Bracket Challenge has concluded and the favorites have escaped largely unscathed.


    very competitive third round.

    The second round results were:

    1. Jeremy Newby-Ricci (2.5@41) vs. 17. Jason Staab (2@39)
      2. Jay Leach (1@41) vs. 18. Eric Kelley (2.5@39)
      3. David Miller (2.5@41) vs. 19. Bryce Tolman (3.5@39)
      4. Regina Jaquess (2@41) vs. 13. Jeff Kepchia (2@39)
      5. Chad Scott (1@41) vs. 12. John Shealy (3@39)
      6. Tim Huston (2@41 and 0.5@41) vs. 11. Jeff Milford (2@41 and 3.5@39)
      7. Todd Kuykendall (0.5@41) vs. 10. Jed Blackburn (2@41)
      8. Todd Johnson (2@41) vs. 9. Kyle Tate (5@39)

    With the above results in the books, the Elite 8 match ups taking place during the month of August are:

    1. Jeremy Newby-Ricci vs. 8. Todd Johnson
    2. Jay Leach vs. 10. Jed Blackburn
    3. David Miller vs. 6. Tim Huston
    4. Regina Jaquess vs. 5. Chad Scott

    Each winner of the above match ups will advance to the Final Four, a live head-to-head face off taking place during a two-day record-capability tournament Sept. 9 and 10, at GOODE Ski Lake in Ogden, Utah.

    In the fan bracket standings, three users – PdtskiSummer skiOFF and Tbrenchley still sport unblemished brackets, keeping their hopes for the $5,000 perfect bracket payoff alive. Pdtski and Tbrenchley each picked Dave Miller to win the whole thing, while Summer skiOFF picked Jeremy Newby-Ricci.

    To see the current fan bracket standings, click here.


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