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  • FlowPoint Podcast #12: Matteo Luzzeri - Flow & How to get it


    The FlowPoint Professor is back!  Matteo is on his way back home to Italy, but just before he left, I got to sit down and speak with him about Flow, what it is, what we know, and some things we can do to try to increase our odds of finding the FlowPoint.

    In this episode we discuss the concept of “Flow”:

    -Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi – father of Flow

    -9 dimensions of Flow:

    • Challenge-skills balance
    • Action-awareness merging
    • Clear Goals
    • Unambiguous Feedback
    • Concentration on the task at hand
    • Sense of control
    • Loss of self-consciousness
    • Transformation of time
    • Autotelic experience

    -How can we increases chances of finding Flow?

    -Do you really need Flow to perform?

    Additionally, here’s a Ted Talks with on the topic of Flow:  Ted Talks on Flow



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