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  • FlowPoint Podcast #16: Jaimee Bull - Junior Masters Slalom Champ and Canadian Nat'l Record Holder


    Jaimee Bull is one of the most promising new skiers on the horizon. I don’t say that lightly. Yes, she is the current Jr Masters Slalom Champion, and yes, she does hold the Canadian Jr National Record with 3 @ 39.5 off (10.75m). And yes, she is just barely 17 yrs old.

    However, I use the word promising for a different reason than you would think. What impresses me is that she doesn’t think, act or react like a 17 yr old with a lot of talent. She is humble, grateful, dedicated, passionate, smart….basically she is a role model. She is exactly what we would hope a great skier would be.


    I have been working with her on ski technique/coaching since March, and will tell you that she has a bright future ahead of her. Not because she is a so good on a water ski, but because she is already so good at life. She pays attention, and she pays respect..

    So even though this was just a quick podcast this week, I want you all to pay attention, and take notes….I will have Jaimee back on again, and I would like you all to send me questions you’d like her to answer.

    Enjoy this one, and also let me know who else you’d like to see on here as a guest.

    Thanks for tuning in!!



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