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    With this trailer, I'm kicking off a new series of monthly episodes centered around a life truly lived%E2%80%A6.where ever or however you get that done. Epic trips to sweet places, behind the scenes stories, and rare looks at some of the most talented individuals in their sports%E2%80%A6.and more.

    “We live for extraordinary moments that we’ve all experienced….where the act of doing something crazy or challenging or impossible….reveals a deeper layer within ourselves

    Our problems disappear….we feel limitless….we become the moment…

    That, is the FLOWPOINT.

    Why are we not happy until we feel that sense of accomplishment?….of overcoming an epic challenge?….Why is life better at the FlowPoint?

    Join me on an epic boundary pushing project, in search of the FlowPoint and answers to these questions…

    I’ll peek inside the minds of some of the best athletes… Dig behind the scenes to reveal things you never knew existed….and Take you to some of the most insane places on earth….

    This is life…at the FlowPoint”



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