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  • Foster the Foundation: How to Bring College Waterski Teams Together and Provide Them With the Resources They Need


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    "I am taking action now to team up with Real Frequency to provide high school and collegiate waterskiers the help they deserve. It's really exciting, to say the least, and a big thank you to Jon Horton and BallOfSpray for spreading the love and getting it out there. Thanks, everyone!" - Chris Parrish

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    Collegiate Waterski Teams are the foundation for the future of our sport. They are a key recruiting arm for our sport; they can help instill the love of the sport in their members, and they can help create a network effect that can expand the sport across a younger demographic needed to solidify waterskiing's future.

    Despite their importance, college waterski clubs and teams often struggle with limited resources, technical coaching, and cross-club support. As a result, many of these teams fall short of their potential for recruiting and retaining members. This phenomenon is not the fault of any one organization, but I strongly believe that it is our collective responsibility to take action.

    Challenge 01: Fundraising

    One obvious solution for these clubs would be more money, but fundraising is no walk in the park. For many of these team leaders, finding funding is a constant uphill battle that can lead to frustration and burnout. In spite of their efforts, the sad truth is that many teams are left grappling with financial woes due to the difficulty of raising funds. The result? An environment that stifles potential and leaves young athletes struggling to keep their team on the course (literally). I believe that we can take steps to make fundraising easier for these programs.

    Challenge 02: Access to Coaching

    Some ski teams have outstanding, ever-present coaching, while some don't. I'd like to help supplement access to coaching for clubs, regardless of their situation. This would be most beneficial for teams that operate with limited coaching. With technology and video as key assets, the ability to share and receive feedback on ski runs would benefit skiers greatly. I believe that if we can provide skiers with a platform that allows them to share videos and receive feedback from others, everyone would benefit from the analysis of those videos by professionals.

    Challenge 03: Lack of Coordinated Cross-Club Support

    Running a college waterski club and team is not easy. There is a lot of work involved, and our team leaders at the college level are doing their best to push their clubs forward. I think each of these teams has special ways of tackling issues that other clubs can benefit from. What they need is a widely-used communication portal so they can share information and ideas, and communicate seamlessly. In summary, less operating in a vacuum and more universal problem-solving.

    Okay, so now what?

    I am not here to rant and kick rocks. Instead, I want to offer a solution. I want to present a solution to my fellow waterskiers. That's why I am partnering with my friends at Real Frequency to help me assist with college waterskiing. Real Frequency's mission is to help young adults create and execute their flight plans for life. Because of their background and expertise, I thought they'd be a great partner in helping me launch a college waterskiing support community that would not only bring college ski teams together but also assist them with some of the challenges they face. They exceeded my expectations. I'm stoked.

    CTTP: Chris the Tower Portal

    The target audience for Chris the Tower Portal is high school students and college waterskiers and those interested in becoming college waterskiers. But, if you're a parent of a high school or college student, an aunt, an uncle, a grandparent, or an adult eager to help our sport by assisting college waterski teams, then CTTP is your friend. It's a comprehensive platform for all things waterskiing, and everyone is welcome. Here is what it brings:

    Through CTTP, Consider Me a Coach. 

    I am going to ask skiers to submit videos for my feedback. My feedback will provide personalized advice from me that will benefit not only the skier in the video but also others who will have access to my breakdown of that video. But CTTP isn't just about ski-related training. It's also about providing college ski teams with a recruitment and retention tool that will strengthen their clubs.

    Through CTTP, Build Your Network

    CTTP thrives on a lively online community; it's connecting with fellow enthusiasts. We want CTTP to be a valuable network for young waterskiers that will aid them with all things waterskiing and in many things outside of the sport. One of Real Frequency's key teachings to their clients is that "Our Net Worth is Our Network." Knowing the value of a large and strong network, I want to give young skiers a place to expand their circle here so they become stronger leaders and professionals. 

    Also, CTTP is a platform that allows high school students to engage and connect with their prospective college waterski team(s). We know that connecting with a club, community, and future friends increases persistence, lowers anxiety, and supports a healthy transition from high school to college. Early connections and understanding the culture of our diverse and unique waterski teams could factor into the student's decision as to where they would like to attend.   

    Through CTTP, Gain Life Skills

    Professional athletes understand the mental side of sports and how the proper mindset can impact performance in athletics and in life. With a deep appreciation for the importance of Mental Performance Training, Real Frequency and I are introducing a series called "Master Your Mindset" that will be housed within CTTP. This course will empower CTTP members with life-changing mental skills training to help them both on and off the water. This online course is led by the legendary Mental Performance Coach and Real Frequency's Director of Mental Performance, Collin Henderson, who has authored well-known books such as "Master Your Mindset," "Quiet Mind," and "Culture Is King."

    In addition to Mental Toughness training, CTTP provides access to their Career Coaching Course, which they call "Velocity." Velocity is designed for college Juniors and Seniors and will prepare them for the ever-important transition from being a college student to their first job. This course is proven to help college students master practical and effective skills that will aid them in finding a career that truly fits who they are. The course is led by Jeff Pottinger, Real Frequency's Director of Career Consulting. Jeff and other members of our team use these same concepts when they coach members of the US military special forces community through our work with The Honor Foundation (honor.org). These skills, strategies, and tactics are proven through our work with thousands of transitioning veterans.

    Through CTTP, Fundraise for Your Club's Future

    Because our Career Consulting course material is valuable to those within and outside of the ski community, we have designed this course so that clubs can sell it to their members, friends outside of the club, their classmates, and even to those at different schools. This is not a bake sale. This is a product that will bring life-changing skills to those who enroll. And, due to their generosity, if a CTTP waterski team member refers a friend or student to the Velocity Course, they will donate a percentage to the club. So, not only will CTTP enrich skiers through important ski-related skills, but it will also provide them with a community, life skills, and a means to fundraise for their team.

    CTTP: Join the Revolution

    Don't miss out on CTTP's unmatched benefits. By joining our community, you (high school and college students) will elevate your waterski skills, expand your networks, fortify your mindset, and prepare for your future. All while helping a club you love raise money for its ongoing growth and success.

    So grab this by the buoys and run the course with it.

    Click here for the CTTP Video


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