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  • Frequently Asked Questions | FPM Podcast #9



    Frequently Asked Questions about FPM

    0:45 - Is this program for me? I’m a beginner, I don’t ski the course, I’m NOT a pro!!...
    1:20 - Is this information I can get by searching the internet on my own??
    2:18 - What equipment do I need??
    3:20 - What is the minimum time requirement to actually see results from FPM?
    5:40 - Does FPM Work??
    6:10 - How individualized or specific is this water ski program to me?
    6:25 - Members only Discussion Board
    6:40 - 2 FREE GiveGo coaching sessions per month.
    7:45 - Member-Only ZOOM calls: 2 times per month, always archived, always accessible.
    8:20 - 2 FREE Coached ZOOM sessions (1 on 1) or 2 FREE in-depth coached lessons
    9:15 - 40% off FPM Camps and discounts on individual coaching
    9:53 - Individualizing the Fitness/Off-Water training part of FPM.
    - Personal Movement Assessment: How well does your body function (joint mobility/stability)
    - Using comment section to adapt/personalize the workouts
    11:20 - Direct, Consistent feedback is a Game Changer
    11:55 - Importance of being able to use your body better: Water Skiing is Positional
    12:45 - Hack the System in 2023: start where you left off last year, with FPM off-water training!
    14:06 - Can I sign up for FPM in the middle of a particular season?
    14:30 - What if I miss a workout or miss a week of the programming?
    15:00 - Pre-Season specific Program!! Starts today!
    15:50 - What does Sports Specific training actually look like?
    17:11 - How much does it cost?
    18:19 - Focus on the things that matter…the lowest hanging fruit. FPM can help you do that.
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