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  • Good Speed vs Bad Speed Podcast || FPM Podcast #9


    Join Marcus and Rob as they dive into the world of Speed! A subject that comes with lots of ins and outs and definitely one that may change the way you think about attacking the course! We hope you enjoy this episode and as always... Happy Flowpointing!

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    00:00 - Intro
    00:32 - How does path relate to speed
    01:40 - How Cold Water Can be a Good Way To Feel This
    02:50 - How your Movement in a Tail Wind Can Show A Weakness 
    04:32 - How is Speed Shown at the Pro Level
    06:55 - Is Speed or Your Path More Important
    09:10 - What Goes in comes out
    13:25 - Pick a Thing to Work on and Stick With it!
    14:10 - Gates and Speed
    17:00 - How to Deal with Speed on a Narrow Gate


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