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  • GOODE Launches the all-new Nano 1FT™


    GOODE Skis kicked off the 73rd GOODE Water Ski National Championships today in West Palm Beach, Fla., by releasing the latest ski in its high-performance lineup: the Nano 1FT%E2%84%A2.

    The Nano 1FT takes water skiing's most buzzed about technological advancement in years %E2%80%93 the patent-pending endoskeleton, carbon-fiber backbone and through cut support ribs featured in this year's hit FlexTail%E2%84%A2 %E2%80%93 and combines it with the world-record breaking performance of the Nano One%E2%84%A2 shape.

    "The new lateral flex technology featured on the FlexTail turned out so well that we began looking for another shape in our lineup to utilize it on," says Dave Goode, founder and president of GOODE Skis. "Some shapes are more conducive to certain skiing styles, so we wanted to make sure that we give our customers a chance to find the best ski for them.

    "The Nano One shape was the obvious choice. From day one that ski and its successor, the Nano OneXT, have been phenomenal skis. They've set numerous world records and countless personal bests. But now with the new lateral flexing tail technology, that great shape is going to be even better."

    To learn more about the Nano 1FT or FlexTail, visit the GOODE booth during the GOODE Nationals, or visit store.goode.com.

    Characteristics of the Nano 1FT and FlexTail

    Nano 1FT

    A more "connected feeling" with the water
    - Tighter, pivot-type turn
    - In general, preferred by skiers who are on the lighter side of each ski length's weight range
    - Medium effort ski


    - Ski sits higher in the water
    - Faster out of the buoy
    - More "automatic" from apex to first wake
    - Easier effort ski


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