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  • HO Triumphant: 50% of the Pro men slalom finalists rode HO Skis, taking 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 8th, and 9th place at the US Open in Orlando, FL!



    Onlookers witnessed the pro-debut of the Syndicate V-TYPE, as Asher rode it to 2nd place! 

    With tremendous scores in the preliminary rounds of the US Open, HO’s Syndicate team was dominant in the Pro Men’s Slalom event, with 5 skiers running 2 @ 41’off or better, filling 4 of the 8 Finals spots, and setting the Finals ablaze by taking 2nd Place(Will Asher), 3rd Place(Brian Detrick), 4th Place(Jon Travers-tie) and 8th place(Thibaut Dailland). As a proud sponsor of arguably the most interesting event of the season, we couldn’t be happier with the exceedingly successful return of the US Open!


    US Open Syndicate Rider Recap:

    9th Place: Pietari Rönkkö

    After a strong performance of 2 @ 41’off in the preliminary round, Finland’s Pietari Rönkkö aka “Pistol Pete” was entered in a 7 way tie for 6th place with some of the highest ranked skiers in the world. Beings that the prelims were a 1 round event, a “sudden death” run-off was the result. In this run off, all skiers had to start at 39’off, cold from the dock. After running 3.5 @ 39’off, Pietari was on a constant “bubble” to make the finals, seeing skier after skier fall early in the starting 39’off pass. Sitting in 3rd place before the final skier, he was squeeked out of the running by his fellow Syndicate skier, Thibaut Dailland who stretched himself around 4 ball at 39’off to secure his spot in the finals. In the end, Pietari finished in 9th place, the first skier out of the finals.


    Pietari Ronkko ripped through 39′off in the prelims of the US Open

    8th Place: Thibaut Dailland

    Coming off a strong 2nd place performance at Collegiate Nationals with 1@41’off in Louisiana, Thibaut ran a personal best of 2@41’off in the preliminary round of the US Open, putting him in the 7-way run-off where he ran 4@39’off to take the final spot in the finals on Lake Ivanhoe.  As the first skier off the dock, Thibaut continued his hot-streak with 1@41’off, skiing just inside of 2 ball. Although he finished with 8th place, his 1@41’off was ½ buoy off of a 4-way tie for 4th place and 2 buoys away from the win.

    Thibaut Dailland put up another strong performance in the finals with <a href=

    Thibaut Dailland put up another strong performance in the finals with 1@41′off

    4th Place: Jon Travers

    With a strong score of 2@41’off in the preliminaries and the top score of 2@41’off in the 7-way run-off for the final spots of the finals, Travers’s strong consistent performances continued into the finals. After opting-up from 35’off to 39.5’off, travers ran an aggressive 39’off pass in a tailwind giving him a 41’off headwind pass in the finals(the only skier to make this gamble). With an excellent 1-ball turn, Travers was aimed at running the pass, with a huge turn at 2-ball the was unfortunately too aggressive as the rope was caught under his ski, setting him air-borne in a ball of spray and putting him in a 4-way tie for the lead score, eventually giving him 4th place with 1.5@41’off.  Taking into consideration that he was working tirelessly as the event’s Technical Controller (TC) all week, Travers showed immense stamina and consistency with 3 scores into 41’off on the weekend.

    Jon Travers opted-up to 39'off, running the pass in a tail-wind in the finals

    Jon Travers opted-up to 39′off, running the pass in a tail-wind in the finals of the US Open

    3rd Place: Brian Detrick

    Knowing he needed to get a piece of 3 at 41’off to beat the prelim bottle-neck of 2@41’off, Brian used his 6’4” frame to throw his Syndicate S2 around 3, giving him 2.25@41’off, making him the first skier confirmed into the finals. In the final round, having the luxury of seeing the 1.5@41’off scores stacking up, and knowing he had skiers after him that could potentially run the pass, Brian knew he needed at least 2@41’off to get on the podium.  Instead of playing it safe and standing up around 2, Brian used his strong style and stable ski to vault him around 3 and back through the wakes, putting him in the lead with 3@41’off. After watching skiers continue to fall around 2@41, Brain saw 2 skiers take his same approach to run 3@41’off, putting Brian in a 3-way tie for first place. Unfortunately for Brian, the rules state that in the event of a tie in the finals, preliminary round scores would be used as a tie break, putting Brian as the odd-man-out of the head-to-head super-final, putting him in 3rd place.


    Detrick took advantage of his stable S2 and tall frame, laying down turn after turn at 41′off


    Detrick rode his S2 to a tie for 1st place score, giving him 3rd place at the US Open

    1. 2nd Place: Will Asher

    The highly anticipated introduction to Will Asher on the all-new Syndicate V-TYPE did not disappoint, as Asher ran a clean 3@41’off in the preliminary round as well as the finals, putting him in the 3-way tie for first place. With a strong backup score, Will advanced into the head-to-head Super-finals, running 3@41’off once again, only one buoy short of the score-to-beat. On his brand new ski, Asher showed fantastic drive and consistency having run 3 buoys at 41’off three separate times at the US Open.


    Asher rode smooth, calm, and collected as he tied for 1st place before taking 2nd in the super-final


    Asher rode his new Syndicate V-TYPE to three straight 3@41′off performances on trying conditions

    1. 9th Place: Breanne Dodd

    As her first pro slalom event back from an ankle injury that wiped out the rest of her 2014 season, Breanne Dodd shredded her way to 9th place in the preliminary round of the US Open, held at Lake Grew in Lakeland FL.


    Thibaut Dailland showing love to eh Stadlbaur family for the support

    We at HO Skis couldn’t be more proud to see the V-TYPE perform at the highest level in the world, and to go with the glowing feedback from our V-TYPE demo days of people of all sizes and abilities performing great on the ski straight away, we’re extremely excited to see what the rest of our pro team and the world can accomplish on the fresh and innovative new Syndicate ski. For more info on the V-Type, Click here.  You’ve gotta try one!

    Also, a Big Congratulations to Zack Worden on his US Open Jump title, in one of the most incredible heart-felt tie-breaking win’s waterskiing has ever witnessed.


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