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  • Introducing the new D3 AIRA an all new trick ski from D3



    The new AIRA features a completely redesigned, forward thinking approach to the traditional D3 trick ski shape. More support where you need it and less where you don’t. Listen to what some of the top pros are saying about the Aira.


    D3 Team skier Adam Sedlemajer said, “The new Aira has definitely helped to step my game up in many aspects.My flips are faster yet more under control.


    D3 Team skier and World Record Holder Erika Lang said this after her first ride on the new Aira, “I am so much faster from trick to trick. I now have time to add a trick or two at the end of each pass. The AIRA is going to help everyone improve their scores.”


    Rhoni Barton D3 Team skier had this to say about the new Aira design, “The D3 Aira is the most amazing tracking ski I have ever skied on and everything from basic spin tricks to rotational flips are the cleanest, fastest and easiest I have ever performed. The D3 Aira will be a career changer at every level."


    Aira trick skis are available in foam core and honeycomb core models. Both models come equipped with machine screw inserts for both the front AND REAR bindings. The new rear insert pattern works exclusively with D3’s new Pro Trick Plate and the RADAR rear toe plate.


    Get yours today at d3skis.com or a local D3 authorized dealer.


    Available in 41” , 42”, 43” , 44” - $669.99 foam core and $829.99 honeycomb core




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