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  • Is Your Slalom Ski the CORRECT SIZE for YOU? || FPM Podcast #33



    Is your ski the right size for you??! A topic that is very rarely discussed but one of the most important factors in your skiing! We hope you enjoy this episode and as always... Happy Flowpointing!

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    00:00 - Intro
    00:25 - What Factors Dictate Ski Size
    01:25 - Marcus’ Thoughts
    02:00 - Length vs Width
    05:00 - How Important Actually is Ski Sizing
    5:30 - How to Feel that a Ski is Too Big
    8:20 - How to Feel a Ski is Too Small
    10:35 - Sizing can be Individual
    11:10 - Should you write an incorrect ski size
    13:45 - Trying Other People’s Skis
    14:25 - Does it get More Important the Heavier You Are


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