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  • Jaimee Bull in Cali !! | FPM Podcast #23


    On August 26th, MB sat down with FPM Ambassador and @waterskiprotour Leader Jaimee Bull, after the first day of the California ProAm.  Below are the show notes!  Enjoy and share/Subscribe if you can!!

    0:00 - Intro
    2:25 - What do you do to prepare for each ski ride?
    3:40 - How do you approach tournament rides?
    4:40 - Slumps, Low times in your skiing…How do you deal with them?
    8:20 - Goals for the rest of the season??
    9:24 - Why do you ski??
    11:17 - People are looking for something, with water skiing, that they cannot get anywhere else in life??
    12:45 - Permission to let go of frustration.
    14:56 - Whats up with the KNEE??
    18:00 - How has FPM impacted your skiing?
    21:33 - Who is that person, in your life?...without them, your life would be far different.
    25:00 - What do you have to Do, Achieve, Accomplish,...before you’re ready to walk away from Pro water skiing??

    This podcast is Available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify! - Search "FPM Podcast"


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