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  • KEEP IT SIMPLE!! | FPM Podcast #3


    MB and Rob are on today, talking about one of the most important topics in water skiing: Keeping it Simple!...so you can actually make consistent progress. How much should you think when you ski? What do you do about adverse conditions: boats, ropes, driving, etc..? They get into it and a whole lot more.

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    0:54 - Athletic Stance is 80% of being successful on the water
    1:13 - ZeroOff, Ropes, Fuel Octane, etc..
    3:35 - Pros are in a different class
    4:30 - Importance of taking personal responsibility for the outcomes
    5:00 - Trickle down affect from the Pros
    6:57 - Keys to skiing with a bungee/stretchy rope
    7:30 - How you stand on the ski Matters!
    9:00 - Generate Speed!! - Most skiers struggle with this!
    9:25 - 2 coaching keys for generating more Speed
    11:15 - MB: 28 off and below, biggest gains come from focusing on generating speed.
    11:43 - Rob: Don't listen to everything you see or read on internet!
    13:00 - MB: FPM methodology is about giving skiers Tools to become better skiers on the water, and better at understanding the sport and assimilating any and all coaching off the water.
    13:50 - MB: Finding ways to get more energy from boat, in the right direction
    14:39 - MB: Identifying what type of learner you are
    16:30 - MB: Frame of reference example - Pulling out for Gate
    17:38 - Rob: Don't overthink it
    20:28 - MB: Different types of ski sets (working on things/keys vs not thinking and just being an athlete)
    21:30 - MB/Rob: Thinking or focusing on keys, or not?
    22:54 - To KEEP IT SIMPLE: 1 key (maybe 2 at most)
    24:07 - MB: Lowest hanging fruit (biggest ROI for a skiers time), is 3 simple things off the water: Improve Balance, Improve Strength and Improve Mobility
    24:49 - Rob: FPM taught me how to be injured less
    27:29 - Overcome and deal with adversity and watch yourself progress faster. "Embrace the Challenge"
    28:57 - Closing

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