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  • Malibu ProAm


    Master Men
    Jay Leach 5.5@38
    Chad Scott 6@38
    Harald Hintringer 4.5@39
    Kris LaPoint 4.5@39
    Dave Miller 1.5@41
    Jeremy Newby-Ricci 2@41

    The Women took to the water for the Finals with Emma being the first woman to run 38. Whitney skied around 4@39' and Regina came within 1.5 buoys of her World Record with a 1.5@41 taking the Atlanta ProAm Title for the third year in a row!

    Open Women Finals:
    Clem 1@38
    Samantha Dumala 2@38
    Karina 3@38
    Emma ½@39
    Whitney 4@39
    Regina 1.5@41

    It was a tight grouping for the Top 5 Open Men with all 5 running 39'. The perfect conditions at Whitestone kept the Top 5 finishers all within 3 buoys of one another and Chris Parrish put in a little extra effort and barely got outside of 4 ball at 41' to take the quarter buoy lead and the win!

    Open Men Finals
    KC %C2%BD@41
    Freddie 1.5@41
    Matteo 2@41
    Willy 3@41
    CP 3 %C2%BC@41

    The Amateur Skiers skied two qualifying rounds on Lake 2 getting to ski behind two Senior Drivers, Chad Scott and Jeff Gilbert, as well as Whitestone's own Regular Driver Adam Webb. Amateurs were competing against their personal 12 months AWSA average. To make the Finals the Top 4 skiers with scores closest to or over their average were ranked 1-4th and the Top 4 skiers with the highest cumulative score over both rounds compared to their average advanced ranked as 5-8th.

    High amateur scores competing in the Prelims:
    36mph was Paul O'Hara at 3@38
    34mph was Eric Kolb and Brian Wisherd at 3@38

    Amateurs Finals (Handicapped)
    Graham Fizer
    Brian Wisherd
    Amanda Bryans
    Curtis Kolb
    Ricky Walters

    Thanks to all of our sponsors who supported the event the 2014 MALIBU ProAm Presented by Eagle Sports!
    Malibu Boats
    Eagle Sports
    Vern Oberg
    IN TOW
    OB4 Binding Systems
    EZ Slalom
    Singleton Marine
    EZ CAM

    SCOREBOOK: http://www.usawaterski.org/rankings/scorebks/14S112CS.HTM


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