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  • Mike’s Overall Binding


    Mike’s Overall Binding

    The next generation of the releasable overall binding system from Mike's Overall Binding, aka the MOB, is being introduced to water skiers at the USA Water Ski Nationals. The MOB system is available at the introductory price of %24399 through the end of Nationals.

    The MOB release system has reduced weight with a smaller spring housing than his previous OB system, and incorporates an easier to use plastic adjustment screw mechanism. The new MOB boot mounting plate has been designed using a lower profile composite G10 material, which allows better flex and rebound for improved performance. The redesigned boot plate also features mounting slots that allow easy mounting of most common styles of hard shell boots. You can also use the soft fit style boots available from most major water ski manufacturers.

    Additional new features to the MOB are trick ski mounting slots forward of the boot, a sturdier solid mounting plate, and a micro-just system mounting hole. The mounting slots are set to the common water ski manufacturing insert pattern.

    The MOB team is currently sourcing a stock boot for the system. We believe that the skier should have a choice of their boot. We encourage users to stick with their current boot so that they can retain the same comfort on their ski while adding the safety of the MOB system.
    The system designer, Mike Mosley has been using this type system in competition for over twenty years, and continues to refine the system.

    Check our website at : www.mobsystemrelease.com or on Facebook at @MikesOverallBinding

    Information Contact: Mike Mosley, Owner-Dseigner



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