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    ATLANTA - April 1, 2014 - OB4 Systems, a water ski and wake board product development company, announces the launch of its 2014 OB4 water ski binding system. 
    The new OB4 System is a releasable binding for single and double, hard-shell water ski boots and can be mounted to any type of water ski. The goal of OB4 Systems is to ensure a safe release from any ski, ultimately reducing the risk of injury. This sturdy system uses a simple but proven plunger and socket type design, based on the release mechanism of a popular snow ski boot with an adjustable retention pressure. The addition of a spring tension lever makes entry and exit of the system quick, easy and pain free. 
    “I have used this type of system for many years without a single release failure”, stated Mike Mosley, a long time competitor, “And I put it into production at the urging of fellow skiers...”
    The binding system is mounted on a durable, lightweight aluminum plate that can be adjusted fore and aft on the ski and includes a lightweight boot plate compatible with any hard-shell ski boot. Boot plates and boots are interchangeable, allowing multiple skiers with different boots to use the same ski. The OB4 System is designed to release in multiple directions including from the heel, limiting stress on the Achilles' tendon and other critical muscle groups. 
    The OB4 Systems releasable binding is made entirely in the USA. All parts are made of high quality machined aircraft aluminum for durability. 
    For more information on the new binding system, visit the OB4 Systems website at www.OB4Systems.com or contact Mike Mosley, President and CEO, at (404) 316-1804
    About OB4 Systems
    OB4 Systems was launched by a group of water skiing and wake boarding enthusiasts to develop and market releasable binding solutions. Mike Mosley, President and CEO of OB4 is a national water ski competitor and has over 40 years experience in the water sports industry. As an early adopter of hard-shell ski boots and releasable bindings, Mike has been skiing with the product for 20 years. Throughout that time, Mike has continued to use and improve the system, adapting it to fit various boot styles. OB4 is now testing a redesigned version of this system for wake boards. 

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