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  • Off-Water Training | FPM Podcast #8



    Off-Water Training, continued, with MB, Jenny and Rob!

    0:35 - Waterskiing is asymmetrical, due to our tandem stance
    1:00 - trying to recover a balanced body through strength training and mobility
    1:20 - Is FPM just CrossFit??: Jenny LaBaw’s expertise/background
    2:30 - Water Skier’s biggest weaknesses
    3:30 - What is a Healthy Spine?
    3:50 - Rob’s Stretching story…and why it didn’t work…
    6:15 - Importance of Mobility during the off-season
    6:45 - Is Cycling and/or Rowing in the off-season enough?
    7:15 - What is a simple Off-Season protocol?
    8:30 - Why Off-Season training might be the most important part of Your skiing!
    9:30 - #1 determining factor in whether or not you will reach your potential…
    11:10 - What does FPM Training look like??
    14:10 - Warmup and Cooldown are the most important parts of any activity or workout.
    14:45 - Improving ability to recover, will significantly improve your ability to perform consistently.
    15:10 - Water skiing = Intervals
    16:00 - Fitness should never be the determining factor in your performance on the water.
    16:30 - Aerobic base is important
    17:57 - Water Skiers like repetition: whats wrong with doing the same workouts/movements every week??
    20:25 - If you don’t have the ability to do basic movements, you need to do them often:  addressing your weaknesses
    20:45 - If you could only do 4 movements a week and have no equipment, what should they be??
    -Pull Up
    -Lunge or Step Up
    -Plank and Side Plank
    -Sprint (doesn’t have to be running)
    22:00 - How important is quality of movement, Off the water?
    22:30 - Send Jenny a GiveGo or tag FlowPoint Method on Instagram for coaching.
    23:25 - Don’t forget to Recover
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