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  • Rob WINS Lake 38!! || FPM Podcast #34




    In his 4th year on the Pro Tour, and after multiple podium finishes, Rob Hazelwood WINS his first ever pro title, in a tie-breaker with the current World Champion and the current Masters Champion, at the Lake 38 ProAm!

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    00:00 - The Emotional Triumph: Rob Hazelwood's First Pro Win
    03:20 - A Love Affair with Water Skiing: From Childhood to Career
    05:57 - Community, Balance, and Multi-Dimensional Skiing
    08:39 - Podiums, Challenges, and Continuous Improvement on the Pro Tour
    11:10 - Equipment Impact: Changes and Consistent Performance
    21:58 - The Impact of Boat Path Deviations: do we need a Rules Change?
    26:50 - Impressive Performances at the Masters
    32:09 - Reflections on the Win and whats next this season!


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