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  • Ryan Dodd - Match My Winnings


    Starting this month, at every tournament, there will be an extra reason for me to push the limits and fly to my potential!

    For the rest of this season, beginning with the US Masters, I am committed to donating 10% of my total winnings to helping family's in need. With %2450 000.00 in winnings up for grabs, if I won all the remaining events I could end up donating over %245000.00 to help build a home in Mexico. It will be fun to keep in touch and follow me on my journey throughout the season. This will be a team effort, and having friends, family and supporters cheering me on for a cause bigger than myself will mean the world to me!

    Here are the events eligible for the season:
    100% of what I donate, up to %245100
    50 % of what I donate, up to %242550
    20% of what I donate, up to %241,020
    10% of what I donate, up to %24510
    5% of what I donate, up to %24255
    1% of what I donate, up to %2451

    If you want more details about the build project, check out the website for HOMES OF HOPE: http://www.ywamsandiegobaja.org/homesofhope/

    Some of you may be asking why am I doing this?
    There are many reasons, but the top three are as follows:
    1) To help family's who are truly in need.
    2) Because I have been blessed in my life with a gift, and I want to use it to help others.
    3) To give me another reason to train hard and to do my very best every time I am on the water.

    For those who want to not only donate, but who also want to help with the actual construction, two trips are being planned: November 2015 (right after worlds) and November 2016.

    If you have any questions or would like to proceed, please contact me at your convenience. All I need is an or Facebook Message to confirm your level of participation.
    Email: ryandodd@live.com

    We are flexible with forms of payment and a Charitable Donation Receipt will be available for Tax Purposes.
    Thanks and I hope you will join in on this journey and experience of a lifetime!



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