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  • Sensient Industrial Colors joins forces with Crop Production Services


    Sensient colors is a strong leader in manufacturing colors since 1905 in the USA, used in many industries including foods, cosmetics and colors in industrial and home products.


    Crop Production Services has been a leader in the Ski Lake Dye business.

    Sensient has developed a granular dye that is 90% active with no added surfactants. SensiPro Granules rapidly break water surface tension & dissolve. Many competitive powder dyes are only 40-50% active and contain sodium sulphate as a dispersing aid, requiring many more ponds of product to achieve the same color density as SensiPro Granules.

    Granules are much less messy to handle and are custom packaged to help displace mess while handling and transporting. With the ultra-high concentration of color there is less to handle and is more transportation efficient than traditional liquids. Not to mention the cost savings per acre foot of water is huge depending on the product that has been used.

    Application rates are 15 to 20 ounces per surface acre 4 to 6 ‘ ft deep.

    Higher rates may be required for higher turbidity lakes. Testing also concludes that SensiPro granules provide longer lasting color than many competitive offerings.

    Sensipro Granules are currently available in Blue and Black. It is recommended to use 3 to 1 Blue to Black, the Black displaces the artificial Blue look to become more natural looking.

    In addition to Blue and Black, CPS and Sensient has teamed up and developed a custom blend of Blue with small addition of Yellow to block even more of the UV spectrum.


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