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  • The all-new 62.5” Junior EVO has arrived


    As water ski parents, we all want the same thing for our kids. For them to move up in speed and advance to shorter line lengths as easily and effortlessly as possible.

    The key design feature I found myself looking for when my daughter started the slalom course was stability. I wanted a ski that performed well but would not make learning difficult or slow her progress. These are the same design concerns we have focused on in producing our newest junior slalom model.

    Say hello to the new JR EVO-62.5"! A new slalom ski designed specifically to help our kids reach all of their slalom skiing goals. Sized perfectly for kids up to 100 pounds, this new junior model is 100% EVO from tip to tail.

    The JR EVO features the same ultra-light core and full carbon fiber construction as the adult version of the EVO. The result is a light and responsive ski that will help your junior skier excel.

    The D3 Accuset fin block and Accuset fin-blade are standard. Stainless steel inserts to accommodate Reflex, D3, Connelly, Radar and some HO versions are also standard equipment.


    If you are looking for a new slalom ski for your future Nate Smith or Brooke Baldwin look no further.

    Demo one today at d3skis.com or call us for more info at 916-714-9389.




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