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    We regret to inform all the skiers, volunteers, and sponsors that the Malibu Open this coming weekend must be cancelled due to an unforeseen algae bloom at the Milwaukee Lagoon. The county has pulled our permit and will not allow the event to take place.

    We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this will cause everyone. We attempted to work with the county to no avail. We have attempted to locate an alternate site near the area, but due to this being a last minute occurrence, a site has not come to fruition. Tony Drake worked tirelessly to help with a solution, however we have been unable to make other arrangements that would be acceptable to Malibu and our many sponsors.

    We are planning on rescheduling the event at a later date to be determined soon.

    Attached is a copy of the mail I received yesterday evening from the county.

    Waterski Events LLC


    Thanks for taking the time to talk. As we discussed, due to the latest information that we have received, we cannot issue a permit for the use of the lagoon at Veterans Park as part of the Malibu Open event.

    In case you need confirmation of the contact for Lakeshore State Park, you can reach out to Tom Kroeger via email (I have included him on this message) or at (414)750-1237, as he may have a location that is able to host your event. Please see the following links for more information.


    With these test results out of our direct control and monitored by the Milwaukee Health Department, we need to rely on them as the experts in regard to safety of both the participants and the public at large.

    Jeffrey Orlowski, CPRE


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