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    http://goode.com/images/ReVert.jpg">Introducing the RéVolution, a new ski from GOODE that delivers improved performance through breakthroughs in construction design, new carbon fibers and an advanced resin system. The result is a ski that provides a quicker, more progressive rebound, is more durable and weighs a quarter pound less than any other GOODE to date.

    The enhancements drastically improve the consistency and overall performance of a shape whose winning lineage includes a Big Dawg Championship and multiple U.S. National titles, including Brian Detrick’s Open Mens slalom victory in 2016.

    “This shape is a proven winner, but through a two-year R&D process we’ve been able to ncrease top-end performance as well as user friendliness and predictability,” said Dave Goode, founder and present of GOODE Skis.

    A new advanced internal construction process features an internal backbone running from the tail of the ski to the top of the tunnel. This feature leads to a more progressive “wind up and wind down” out of the turn and into the first wake.

    “The way the ski flexes into and rebounds out of the turn is one of the most important performance aspects in slalom ski design,” says Goode. “If the ski takes too long to rebound back to shape, you lose cross-course speed. But if it rebounds too quickly and in a jerky-jerky motion, the ski can be very inconsistent. The RéVolution’s flex and rebound is quicker than any other ski we’ve ever made, but it does so in a very smooth way that leads to great performance that you can count on.”

    Through a new carbon fiber resin system the engineers at GOODE were able to increase the durability of the ski while reducing weight, thereby increasing cross-course efficiency and decreasing drag – and the extra work associated with it. Additional features of the RéVolution include a water proof core and a refined and more forgiving torsional flex.

    What top skiers are saying about the RéVolution:

    “Stable, predictable and fast across course. This ski is effortless.” – Chad Scott

    “It gets you wide like a big ski and takes angle like a small ski.
    This is the best ski GOODE has ever built.” – Chet Raley

    “The RéVolution requires 20 percent less effort cross course than any of my previous skis, getting me to the buoy earlier and easier.” – Dave Miller

    “This ski has amazingly fast, yet controllable speed. The backside turns are unbelievable and the cross-course direction is outstanding.” – Greg Badal

    Learn more about the RéVolution here.


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