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  • USA Water Ski Foundation New Website Goes Live


    The USA Water Ski Foundation has officially launched its new website. The new dynamic, interactive website (http://www.usawaterskifoundation.org) symbolizes the new direction of the USA Water Ski Foundation (USA-WSF). It showcases the work which has been done over the past year to revitalize the Foundation and give it a renewed sense of purpose.

    “The new website is an engaging tool to inform members, industry partners, businesses, community organizations and the general public about the positive impact towed water sports have on society,” says Paul Chapin, USA Water Ski Foundation President. “Through various programs ranging from grass roots to the Hall of Fame, the Foundation has always played a key role in the promotion, preservation and growth of these sports. This website helps tell the story of how the Foundation is connecting and making a difference at the local, regional, national and even international levels. We also work in strong support of our National Governing Body USA Water Ski.”

    The new website will also offer its members powerful new ways to connect and communicate with each other and with the great legends in our sport, share experiences, and pass on useful information and opportunities. Our “members only" section will be live later this summer. More new features and options will be added in the coming months.

    “We’re now looking forward to building on the momentum we have created over this past year and will continue to take the organization forward," says Executive Director Tracy Mattes. "We are in the process of developing new partnerships and projects that will help to promote and grow towed water sports around the globe- while also showcasing our history and celebrating our heroes."

    We invite you to visit our new site! http://www.usawaterskifoundation.org



    About the USA Water Ski Foundation

    Established in 1968, the USA Water Ski Foundation has been an integral part of the history and fabric of water skiing and all towed water sports in the United States. The Foundation promotes the values that come through our family oriented water sports such as:

    ▶ Promoting a culture of health and fitness for today’s youth 
    ▶ Offering educational opportunities through college scholarships 
    ▶ Helping children and families around the nation to rediscover the importance of healthy lakes, 
    oceans and waterways 
    ▶ Advocating the principles of friendship, respect and fair play 
    ▶ Demonstrating patriotism in the support of our Team USA athletes 
    ▶ Preserving the history of these great moments for future generations

    Entering a new era, through a series of innovative educational and outreach programs, the Foundation seeks to enhance lives and communities in the United States through the values of the sport of water skiing and all towed water sports. These sports have a unique power to attract, mobilize and inspire. By their very nature, they are about participation, inclusion, social integration and family. The Foundation will assist people of all ages, walks of life and ability levels in finding fitness, enjoyment and accomplishment through water skiing and all towed water sports.

    The Foundation also works closely with USA Water Ski, the only national governing body recognized by the United States Olympic Committee for all towed water sports. USA Water Ski consists of nine different sports disciplines (Water Ski, Wakeboard, Show Ski, Barefoot, Kneeboard, Hydrofoil, Racing, Collegiate and Adaptive).


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