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    VISION - To create a pool of funds in which grants may be awarded to collegiate teams based on an application process.  The teams will be required to articulate what they have already done to raise funds, how much they raised, how much they are requesting, specify what the funds are needed for, and how the funds will be used. 

    DONOR/SPONSOR BENEFITS – Collegiate team alumni may now support the programs in which they benefited and contributed to their growth as student-athletes. Individuals may support collegiate teams because they see the opportunities collegiate teams provide the student-athletes.  Corporate donors will have an avenue to support teams, which may then develop into long-term relationships with students, teams, and consumers. 

    CRITERIA – Funds will be used for unreimbursed team expenses such as equipment, travel (air, hotels, transportation), entry fees, and training expenses (boat gas, coaching, lake rental).   

    REASON – All but a few collegiate teams are self-funded, with no assistance from the colleges/universities.  Teams are using old equipment, travelling long distances to compete, and have training costs of gas and insurance.  Teams are currently using online platforms such Go Fund Me, social media blasts, Spirit nights at restaurants, and mass mailings to raise funds. 

    PROCESS -  Teams may apply year-round.  A small committee will review each application and make a determination if a grant will be awarded and the amount of the award within two weeks of receiving the application.  The committee Chair will inform the team and the Foundation treasurer, and the funds will be sent to the team promptly.

    SOURCE OF FUNDS AND PROMOTION – The Foundation and its Grant Committee will announce the program, seek donations, and work with NCWSA/AWSA/NSSA to reach alumni, sponsors, and potential donors.  The Foundation promotes that donations to the Grant Program are tax-deductible and every donation will reach multiple students.  Use social media, word of mouth, and cold calls.  The Foundation can promote (thank) donors on social media, and then promote (congratulate) the recipients.   Donors may create a named Grant and include specific criteria if desired, with an agreement for an annual donation.  Donors are also welcome to make one-time gifts to the general pool of funds.

    LONG-TERM – Each Collegiate Team Grant potentially reaches 10-20 students, thus if 10 grants are awarded, then 100-200 students will benefit.  In the future as these students enter the workforce, they may remember the Foundation’s support of their team and may then return the generosity and get involved with the Foundation as a donor and/or Trustee.

    FINANCIAL STRUCTURE – Donors may make checks payable to USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Foundation, Inc. or via PayPal with “Team Grant” in the message.

    Donations up to $2,500 to USA-WWF at 12961 Lerida Street, Coral Gables, FL 33156.

    Donations over $2,500 to USA-WWF at 6039 Cypress Gardens Blvd, #481, Winter Haven, FL 33884. 

    Donations via PayPal to Donations@USA-WWF.org.

    (We encourage checks to minimize processing fees, but we would rather pay processing fees with donations via PayPal than have no donations at all.) 

    The donations will be a new line item and restricted to the Collegiate Team Grant program. The Chair of this grant program and the Treasurer will consider appropriate administrative fees upon execution of the program. 

    The Chair will coordinate providing receipts of tax-deductible donations to donors.

    QUESTIONS? EMAIL Brenda  at usawwf.grants@gmail.com


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