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  • Water Skiing is a Family: The Moomba Masters Men's Jump Edition


    By Matt Page

     Pro Skiers traverse the globe following their passion and desire of competition. The largest spectacle in our sport is the Moomba Masters. Every year it seems that someone’s skis get misplaced by the airlines and given the small time table that the athletes have between the time they land and when they ski makes it very difficult to get their skis before their event starts. An event that draws one of the largest fields of international competition to an island nation does not have a provision for lost bags by airlines.

    This year the jumper to get his bags misplaced was Bojan Schipner of Germany. He is coming off a 3rd place finish at the World Championships back in December. After spending thousands of dollars in training, airfare, hotels, entry fees he was left with the feeling that he may be sitting on shore and letting the dock starter know that he would be scratching from the tournament because of reasons completely out of his control. There was a moment of hope when his airline informed him that his skis would be making it in time, but they ended up not.

    Zack Worden and Taylor Garcia, who are not his training partners or countrymen, but his fellow competitors, stepped up to help outfit Bojan with the necessary gear to take on the Yarra’s big, red beast. Zack and Taylor did not want to take advantage of Bojan's misfortune. Knowing that Bojan is one of the top 5 jumpers in the world they offered up their gear for him to join in on the competition.

    Bojan took to the water on foreign skis, without his notable, yellow lucky helmet and on a conservative, 3/4 jump booted out a 186’ leap to make the semifinal round. Those same skis also carried Zack Worden into the next round with at jump of 200’ and who is now sitting 3rd going into the semifinals. Taylor ended up in 13th with a jump of 180’. With only 12 skiers advancing into the finals. He would have made the cut if Bojan had not jumped. This is the risk both Zack and Taylor took when they offered up their gear. The knew they wanted to compete against the best and that this could be the result.

    Zack and Taylor--You reminded us that even at the highest level of competition, this sport is still a family that looks out for one another.

    This picture is the last known picture of the missing ski bag. Last seen in Orlando, FL, USA 


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