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    Here’s how Will suggests heat molding your liner for the best fit:

    1. Set Oven on Convectoin Mode at roughly 220 degrees Fahrenheit.

    2. Make a tinfoil wrap so the liner isnt touching the oven grates and place liner in once oven is preheated

    3. Cook liner for ~10-12 minutes

    4. Apply a thin dress sock to your foot to protect against heat while not adding much volume

    5. Remove from oven, quickly apply to foot and strap velcro top strap snugly.

    6. Put linered foot into shell, being mindful not to catch the inner-ears of the shell with your heel.

    7. Stand up to assure snug fit. Assure that there are no creases in the top of the liner. Latch middle buckle first (tight setting), followed by the buckle nearest to toe and lastly top buckle. Make sure it is on a very tight setting (on buckle ladder) to reduce volume of liner in future use. This should feel tighter than you would use while skiing.

    8. Wear on foot for 10-12 minutes until liner cools. Remove and you’re done. Go ski!




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