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50 shades of purple


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Still hoping to unlock the purple. Have more of 'em this year than ever before but still it owns me some days.

Yesterday over lunch hour feel like I really learned something at 38 gate and was excited to get a shot at lunch today with light head/tail behind the driver who has pulled the majority of my successful 38's this year.

Go out at 32 head and then crushed a 35 tail thinking perfect...light head 38. 2 balls head, 3 balls head, 2 balls tail, 1 ball head, 2 balls head, 2 balls tail. GRR...yesterday was effortless 1 ball width, nice and slow with a tweak to my gate...today I'm narrow and even with workable 1 balls I am screaming into 2 narrow and hot, hook the on-side and hope to withstand the load.

Decide it's not in the cards today and get in the boat. Go to put the rope on 28 off for Greg and the rope is on 39.5! Greg felt dumb but at least I didn't feel so bad anymore.

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  • Baller_
I did that a week ago. Put the rope at 32 not paying attention (thinking it was 28) Skied right up to 5 at 38 and for the life of me could not figure out why that 35 (really 38) was so frign hard. figured it out, corrected the line lengths and couldn't get past ball 3. I swear it's all a head game with purple.
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