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5 Pairs of Gloves


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So I have 5 pairs of gloves for sale, 1 new and the rest used, just want to clear them out.


1. Radar Vice 2012 Large with the metal wrist strap loop Brand new never wet. $50 shipped.

2. Radar Vice 2011 Large right hand is new but the back of hand strap is broken left hand is used with somewear through teh palm on index and pinky Offers?

3. Masterline Pro Lock X-Large They are pretty much perfect except that the left palm has a large rip below the pinky.

4. Masterline Pro Lock Large a few 2-3mm holes through the palm on both hands

5. Radar Bliss Small In good shape but old and faded looking.


Not looking for anything serious on items 1-4 just have too many hanging in the shed!






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