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Two Weeks with a Power Vest


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I just wanted to share some observations since picking up a Goode Power Vest a few weeks ago to start the season.


My first set of the year, I left the straps fully extended. Or at least what I thought was fully extended. It took me three attempts to get up as I wasn't in my normal body position with the vest. Or maybe I was leaning too far forward, idk.


Once on the water it felt like magic. I immediately noticed the benefit of letting the vest do the work when taking the hit from the boat. You feel the hit in your hips, legs, and not the arms, forearms, shoulders or back. For me that's huge as I suffer from lower back issues constantly.


The following weekend I decided to shorten up the straps a bit more. And I found this to be a huge difference in deep water starts. You just let the vest take the load and you pop right up. I like that.


On the water, running 32 off with my new Connelly Carbon V, the vest performed wonderful. You make your cut, extend your arms, feel the load transfer to your legs and repeat. I really like the fact you can almost not hold on to the rope if you want to just relax for a bit.


I've been wearing a rash guard so far and will likely do so into the summer.


The only real strange part is when you set down, it takes a while to get the gloves off and you feel kind of trapped in the contraption. If the gloves aren't off, you're sort of in a straight jacket. So it messes with your head a bit until you can 'escape'.


Overall, I'm really pleased I bought this expensive piece of gear. I think it will save some trips to the chiropractor and it definitely saves your strength for those course passes.


my $.02



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