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ZBS, Part 2


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  • Baller_

So there is a lot of debate how the new ZBS scoring system will work, in particular at Regionals and Nationals. At Eastern Regionals, there is usually the option of being scored as an E or an L for most divisions. At Nationals, it seems to me that usually most divisions are L, with a few (example B1 and M10 being E because AWSA speeds for those divisions differ from IWWF).


The ZBS survey that AWSA just circulated states that ZBS will be used at Regionals and Nationals.The rules require that Nationals be an L or E (Open usually being an R). Since ZBS is an AWSA rule and NOT a IWWF rule, in my view under IWWF rules and AWSA 1.01 (D) you can't use ZBS in an L or R. Therefore, it seems to me, if ZBS is used in Regionals and Nationals, those tournaments must be scored as an E.


Maybe I'm all wet on this, but it brings me to my point: there is AWSA judge's and scores clinic on line on March 11. It's probably pretty important to attend the clinic if you are an official. Details are on the three event page at USAWS website.


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  • Baller

Rule 1.01 (D) in it's entirety:


D. IWWF class events (L & R) conducted under USA-WS sanctioning will be conducted administratively by applying AWSA rules and, in instances where skiing conditions are affected, by applying IWWF rules when different from AWSA.

1. The intention is that performances, considered for placement on world ranking lists or for world records, be conducted under conditions identical to events conducted elsewhere in the world (i.e. a level playing field).

2. Examples of administrative issues where AWSA rules would apply:

a. Tie breaking rules.

b. Tow rope specifications or skier supplied allowances.

c. Starting line lengths.

3. Examples of skiing conditions where IWWF rules would prevail:

a. Trick falls before the course.

b. Waiver of conditions encountered in jump.


Also 1.02 (B) touches on this:


B. All tournaments are further classified as:



Class R – World and National Records may be set also all IWWF and AWSA ranking lists performances may be earned.

Class L – National Records may be set also IWWF and AWSA ranking list performances may be earned.

Class E – National records may be set and only AWSA ranking list performances earned.

2. CLASS C - Standard local tournaments in which all AWSA ranking list performances may be earned.

3. CLASS F (Grass Roots), primarily for beginning skiers, which allow wide variations from the requirements of the other classifications. To add jumping to a Class F (Grass Roots) classification a minimum of a State Safety Director and Regular Driver is required.

4: CLASS X - Used for experimental formats; i.e. change in course configuration, different boat speeds, etc., where scores WOULD NOT be placed on the ranking lists. Also see Rule 1.09 C.


Rule 10.06 seems to conflict with the above rules directly and within itsself.


10.06 Boat Speeds and Line Lengths (***May be used for all Classes

but certain scoring options do not follow with IWWF scoring i.e.

skier will need to make complete pass at maximum speed before the

pass will count on their ranking list).


10.06 (B) The maximum allowed boat speeds shall be as follows:

1. Boys 1/Girls 1 - 49 kph (30.4 mph).

2. Girls 2 - 52 kph (32.3 mph).

3. Boys 2 and all females Girls 3 or older - 55 kph (34.2 mph).

4. All males, Boys 3 or older - 58 kph (36.0 mph).


AWSA maximum speed for M3 up, now 36, differs from IWWF. Yet 10.06 says "skier will need to make complete pass at maximum speed before the pass will count on their (IWWF) ranking list". This is not so for M3 up, skier needs to make a complete pass at 55K, below maximum speed. and not higher before the pass will count on their ranking list.


2017 Rules Changes Summary


Looks like some additional adjustments needed based on Changes Summary. Haven't seen a 2017 full rule book out yet. The Slalom Buoy Quick Count chart needs to be pulled or updated also as it is now incorrect.

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  • Baller
Thanks @lpskier. As you know all too well, we have a severe shortage of Ls in the Eastern Region, so the only Ls I get each year are usually at Regionals and Nationals. It would be a bummer to lose those tournaments as Ls because I enjoy seeing where I stack up, however poorly I might add, on the world rankings list.
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