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The kids are alright


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Had a great experience last night at our first ski night of the season. We had a small turnout of only three skiers, but it was so encouraging to get three twenty-somethings who were into three event skiing and just great to ski with. We had a biomechanical engineer and she was probably the most accomplished skier and had worked the previous weekend getting a ski buddy's course in, so her willingness to put time in on the dirty work was pretty special (she said her dad gets defensive if she complains about the slalom wake on his Wakesetter, which I thought was kind of the opposite of how most family boat discussions go), another was an aerospace engineer, also a good skier and good guy, and the third was thoracic ER nurse, who unfortunately tweaked his ankle on his first set, so we didn't get to see much of him skiing but was really perceptive about how to communicate technical points. It's seemed that this demographic has been lacking from our sport for a while and it was cool to get them out there- I hope they're back and keep skiing.
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