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Adjusting trick toe hold


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Masterline makes very good toe harnesses. They have a solid grip that does require a careful fitting. For best results, you will need to get the right size harness.

Masterline harnesses are also quite durable. That makes them a bit harder to work on. It's secured quite well to the bridle. I wouldn't be able to adjust it without changing too many things which could change the feel and function of the toe harness. And it is a rather complicated process.

If your kid has outgrown the harness, a new one is in order.

The Toe Link is an interesting option. A different design and approach. The one we tried had some foot size adjustability. It required a super commitment to toe tricks as it didn't fit well in a handle bridle. Toes only with that rope. And the pull was a bit different - which helped some tricks and hurt others. The release person was critical as it wasn't supposed to pop off - ever.

Personally, I like a softer bear trap style harness. These are not particularly sensitive to foot size. Under load, they squeeze the grip harder. Without a heel strap, a shake of the foot on slack rope will kick them off. A huge harness that is easy to kick into in the middle of a run will still grip well enough for the basics - wonderful for developing trick runs. Except, I don't know where you can buy one. AWSA used to sell them - decades ago. I build my own but I won't sell them. Maybe a barefoot harness?

You can't go wrong with a new, properly fitted, Masterline.


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